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Why now is the time for Electric Car Leasing

The global pandemic has inevitably had a significant impact on how people buy goods and services. There’s been a seismic shift towards supporting independent business, shopping local and an increased focus towards consumers making more conscious decisions, considering the greater impact of their purchases on people and the environment. At Green Apple Leasing, we’ve been closely following the ripple effect on the electric and hybrid car leasing market and we’re tailoring our personal contract hire offers to fit with the ‘new normal’.

The intention to 'go electric' has more than doubled

Electric and hybrid cars have been a growing sector in recent years, accelerating into the mainstream at a steady pace, but we think this sector is now about to enter the fast lane. In a recent survey, What Car? Reported that 20% of people are considering going electric, a colossal jump from 9% in 2019. Managing director of What Car? Rachael Prasher said: 'Our 2021 Electric Vehicle White Paper shows the leaps and bounds electric vehicles have made over the past two years, with buying intention more than doubling' so it's going to be great to welcome new customers and help them navigate their way through this 'new' sector. 

Our team at Green Apple Leasing have always been keen to make sure our customers have informed choices, so we found a part of the report particularly fascinating. When considering electric cars, the main barriers have historically been the perception of more significant costs and worries concerning limited range and charging facilities. These fears haven't changed, but the study reveals that once people have researched the electric and hybrid markets and are more informed, these initial worries drop significantly and a good percentage jump on board. 

According to Direct Line, the average saving of electric car ownership over petrol amounts to £107 per year, which while it’s not life changing, it’s better in your pocket. But when you take into the environmental gains, for many, it's an excellent choice to make. 

With the range potential of the cars increasing each year and expansion in charging facilities, we think this sector is ready to skyrocket. Edmund King ( AA president) said 'Once we get a mass-market, stylish, affordable, practical EV with a decent range, it will sell like hot cakes'. Well, we think we've got some of the best hot cakes out there.

Electric and hybrid car leasing, electric and hybrid PCP

At Green Apple Leasing, we believe exploring PCP and personal contract hire plans for electric and hybrid cars is smart. And not just for those that are looking to do their bit for the environment. Shopping local also means staying local, and our models come into their own when nipping around town but still have a range of 200+miles when needed. Office based employment is developing a hybrid of its own with partial working from home set to stay for the foreseeable future, so people will be assessing the type of car they need for their changing requirements. 

If you're looking to dip your toe into the water, then we've put together the best electric and hybrid cars that represent economical solutions, are a joy to drive and should diminish any range anxiety you have. And with all our vehicles, we can provide free quotes on these models and a comprehensive breakdown of each financial payment method.

Green Apple's Top Picks

1. Kia Soul

Making it into this year's What Car top 10 electric cars was the Kia Soul, labelled as a 'trend setter' and an electric car that makes a lot of sense because it offers strong performance, an impressively long range (up to 280 miles) and comes very well equipped. 

Our personal lease plans for the Kia Soul start from £227.13 per month, so we think this is one model for your consideration list if you're looking to define your own style in an SUV model.

soul hatch kisl 20

2. Kia Niro

Kia has been progressive in the green market for cars. The Soul model was born from knowledge acquired from its earlier rising star, the e-Niro (and What Car? of the year 2019). 

The Kia e-Niro shook up the electric car market for a good reason. We have personal leasing plans starting from £272.31 per month.

niro kini 21

3. Peugeot 208

Another popular model is the Peugeot 208 (also featured on the What Car? Best Buys). The Peugeot 208 is firmly one of our featured models too. 

This model is liked for its impressive range, features and futuristic hot-hatch styling. Our personal leasing is available at £279.19 per month.

208 hatch pe28 21

Many of our green models are available as either electric or hybrid. If you're not fully ready to charge-up, then a hybrid may be a gentler entry point for you. We've got plenty of choices in our green combined fleet.

4. Hyundai IONIQ

The Hyundai IONIQ is another WhatCar? Top 10 and is a great car to dip your toe into a hybrid ownership. We're impressed with the low running costs and offer low-cost options on this car. Reviewers like its reassuringly normal driving experience. Our plans for this model are £172.80 a month.

ioniq hatch hyiq 20

5. SEAT Mii

And last but not least is the perfectly formed small hatch by SEAT. The Mii is a five-door hatchback available for £137.28 per month. Its stylish, compact design is a hit with those wanting to nip around town, combined with a compact leasing price and a generous number of features, makes it one of our best buys!

mii semi 21

Independent Advice from our Qualified Team

If you think that 2021 is the year for you to move into the electric or hybrid car leasing market, we are here to support you. With this sector now becoming mainstream, you will benefit from the more established technology, growing infrastructure and hassle-free plans and superior service from us. 

Our team can give you advice and options to get the deal that's right for you and your requirements. We can talk you through your options regarding electric and hybrid PCP, Personal Contract Hire and arm you with a comprehensive breakdown of each car, financial method and knowledge to make the right choice. If you would like to chat with one of our Account Managers, please call 0800 193 2422

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