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Cheap cars to lease

It seems that car consumers know a good deal when they see one and 2015 has been no exception. The first half of the year has been driven mainly by high residual value and low interest rates combined with loosening credit and aggressive marketing techniques, meaning that new-car leasing is at an all-time high. Car leasing now accounts for 20 per cent of all new-vehicle’s hitting the UK’s roads, a big leap up of 15 per cent from last year. It must come as no surprise then that the standard lease payments are also taking a hit, going down by approximately 10 per cent year on year. Although this number might seem high, remember that most luxury cars are on lease contracts rather than being bought outright, but budget models are certainly creeping up in this market. Automotive manufacturers are spreading their cut-price lease deals across a broader range of models, so you can now lease budget models for less than £90 a month – cheaper than a number of mobile phone contracts! Leasing does assist the manufacturers though, as after the contracts are up, customers are expected return for the newest models and loyalty scheme deals. Still, for the low prices, you can see why lease vehicle providers are having their hands bitten off by customers eager for the latest models on rolling competitive pricing schemes.
Here are a few:

Skoda Citigo from £96.78 + VAT per month

Citroen C1 from £80.75 + VAT
An ever-popular model on Britain’s road, the French-designed C1 is a trendy modern car with great fuel efficiency. shared with low emissions, this Citroen is bursting with character and is easy to drive. Ease of parking hits the right notes for urbanites here as it features a rear camera, necessary for tight city spaces and reversing into tight spots. Inside it’s elegant and anything but cheap, despite the lease price. Coming with a funky dashboard, 6 airbags and an ESC system, helping keeping drivers safe in icy conditions or if the road surface is unstable where grip is reduced.

Renault Twingo from £123.32 + VAT
Renault’s nippy little 70 HP baby is ever well-liked amongst the financially savvy. Their “Go anywhere, go everywhere,” philosophy is one of the reasons you can get a car that does it all. Their latest Twingo model saves in every way. Every way you want it to save that is. Its refined interior is surprisingly roomy and the trim is just right. It’s modest, yet fun. Money saving comes with the driver in mind with fuel saving stop and start technology, turning the engine off when stopped and firing up again when the clutch is let up – eco-friendly and economical. A real hit. Mimicking the other models, the Twingo comes with a reversing camera so it’ll fit into the most snug of places with ease.

Fiat 500 from £119.99 + VAT The most compact of the Fiat range, the 500 model still packs a lot into its cutesy frame. A blend of classic design with a modern twist, Fiat hits the right notes with this model. Again, economical on the highway and on the urban commute, you’ll be saving at every turn. So, if it’s time for a new vehicle in your life, you might want to consider leasing. It’s what 25 per cent of British road users are doing. If your phone contract is running up to £100, it might be time to switch that iPhone to an i10.
Kia Picanto from £99.98 + VAT per month

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Posted on 20th July 2015 at 1:41 PM

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