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Black Boxes to be compulsory in new cars from March 2018

Recording devices, identified as telematics similar to the black boxes on aeroplanes will be built-in as standard on new cars as of March 2018 under EU regulations. eCall System The system known as ‘eCall’ system was initially intended to help emergency services discover crashed vehicles. The technology transmits the car’s location to emergency services if the car is involved in a crash. This will hurry up the response time of the emergency services. If the motorist is involved in a crash, he/she can push the SOS button close to the dashboard to call 999. If the car’s airbags are deployed the car will send off a text message to the emergency services with the car’s location and vehicle ID number. According to new statistics, 25,700 people were killed in road accidents in the EU in 2014. However, the European Commission estimates the emergency service response time will be halved with the black boxes. Telematics Device The telematics device will be able to track your car’s braking, speed, timing, cornering, and acceleration. This data will be used by car insurers to put forward discounts for safe drivers. The black box insurance has been used by car insurance companies as well as installed in learner drivers and recently qualified drivers to put forward discounts on insurance. It won’t be compulsory to have the telematics car device linked to the insurance. However, motorists could face higher premiums if they do not desire the telematics insurance. The Government trusts the gadget will put in approximately £100 to the cost of a car. Critics fear that the device will be used by the police or insurance companies to observe the motorist’s movements. The telematics device could result in privacy concerns as the motorist will not be capable to switch the device off. Research suggests that half of all cars will be built-in with the devices by 2020.

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Posted on 20th May 2015 at 11:37 AM

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